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Rosewood Classical/Baroque Guitar for Sale - Asking $750
This mid-level Yairi 880 classical guitar was handmade in 1970 by S. Yairi. I purchased it new in 1973 and later modified it for stringing either as a standard classical guitar or with modified stringing to play Baroque guitar music in the original Baroque tuning. Details at "Baroque Guitar for the Modern Performer".
It's currently strung for Spanish or French Baroque music such as Gaspar Sanz, Francisco Guerau, Robert de Visee, or Francesco Corbetta. For standard guitar tuning, remove the upper string of the 4th course, replace the 5th string to sound an octave lower, and add the 6th string. Hear this guitar played with Baroque tunings at my guitar website. Click on a picture below to see a larger image.